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Posted to Caliisms's page by Caliisms on 7/15/2016 9:04:00 PM

No Hands Sally-Jeffery

Look at me

Working with no hands

Lips about sticky and wet

Slid on his dick jet

No regrets

She Can Suck Dick

Like No Other

A sure pro…she could

Blow bubbles like

Apple gum

Almost made my gun

Fire with the smooth

Rhythms of her lips

She had tricks

When she whipped it with

her tongue

she had skills-she could

suck the pimples off of a golf ball.

suck a dick like no other girl

on Red tube,

she was cum twisted

and sadistic

working this dick with no hands

and rapping my nuts

got ’em cracking like salted peanuts

and all day dick pro

a dick professional

suck this dick like a vacuum cleaner

turned my pre-cum out

suck and swallow

I felt like I was at an endless buffet

her mouth agape and hanging open

like she could go for hours

she squeezed my nuts and said not yet

it’s not your gratification

but all about my satisfaction

she said she want to make me cum

so hard I would blow the top of

her cranium off

and when she let go. I blew my load

she kept her lips wrapped around my dick

till it was dry, I suggested she blow me goodnight

. She thought this was a brilliant idea.

I was lost in the sexual ecstasy of the dangerous

youthful blowjob when I heard her let out a little yelp.

She immediately sat up, her mouth half open,

full of splooge, the excess dripping off her chin,

and uttered a muffled, let me suck it hard again

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